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- The Beth Casavant Athletic Scholarship Fund is accepting applications for financial assistance to help provide hockey gear for kids in need. Download the application here.

- A minor crossing the border needs to have the consent of both parents or guardians. Use this form as a template.

- Form to be filled out for all participants.

- SASA offers scholarships for families that are in need of some type of assistance. We feel that hockey should be something that should be attainable for any child no matter what their financial situation may be. It is our hope that those receiving assistance will give back to the association in terms of volunteering or other means. All applications will be kept private. If you have any concerns, please contact the SASA President.

- Players code of conduct form. To be filled out by all players at 10U and above.

- Need to make a roster label for the score sheet? Here is an example of what you could do.

- Parents code of conduct form.  To be filled out by both Parents of any Player 10U and above.

- A template for an end of year certificate.

- Any time a USA team travels to Canada to play, they must have a travel permit approved. Send all completed permits to the SASA Registrar at

- A 2011 agreement between USA Hockey and Hockey Canada about playing across the border for all teams.

- All officials are required to complete and return a W9 form. Please return to: St. Albans Skating Association; P.O. Box 855; St. Albans, VT 05478